Monday, 26 February 2018

Radha To Krishna

Radha to Krishna
O my lord! Why you poured this color?
 Iam already drenched  in your color,
I am not me but soaked in blue,
 Except you I see no one in my view,
Your flute and you,  make me crazy,
I forget the whole and dance till I am dizzy,
The spring becomes  happy when  our feet swings
With the melodic breeze and with the
 harmonious raga of your  charming beat.

You are my passion ,you are my sensation,
You  and you rule in my thoughts,
 my bumps recognize your fragrance,
My skin is aware of  my red gloss,
When I am saturated in your rhyme,
These holi  colours you sprayed to me,
Are adding more pink to my spine.


  1. I do not know what the different colors used in Holi mean. Is it possible for you to explain.

    another very good write