Monday, 12 February 2018

Red Spring

Red Spring
Spring,the seasonal queen,
Richest with nature’s bounty,
Sweetest weather induces  ripples to the quite,  
Creates poets and poetry to glorify its divine,
 Soothing is its melody,
Soothing is the breeze,
Soothing is from dawn to dusk,
Soothing is the crush and
Soothingly  lovers weave  verse,
Soothingly they   flaunt their emotion,
Through the beautiful red rose.
Red is the rose ,
red is the core,
Red lovers look ,
Red  the Sun looks when it blush,
Red is the sky when two hearts meet and they never want to say bye,
Red is their cheeks when their eyes meet and they see each other with no intention  to part,
Red is the  evening moon,
Because it is aware of  romance and flowers speak through their fragrance.
Red is the emotion which is filled with passion,
Red is the spring ,when lovers hum Valentine rhyme.


  1. Beautiful write, a lot of imagination, piece with perfection.

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    1. As delightful as a box of chocolates, shared between lovers.

      It makes one smile, with the promise of romance.