Saturday, 24 February 2018

The weapon

Silence is my weapon,
When you assessed me,
My words,
My works,
My personality,
I maintained silence,
Because I am hurt
I was abused ,
With no relevant cause,
With fault not much,
You weaved thoughts,
Which were purely yours,
No authenticity ,simply trash,
I preferred to keep silent,
You wounded me with your writings,
Projected me as a villain,

I still maintained silence,
Don’t take test to my silence,
Don’t force my silence to speak,
Don’t think me weak,
Don’t consider any lady cheap,
Don’t think you smart and others wreck.
Adoration ,devotion ,infatuation  are the three divine feelings,
Thoughts make them pure,
Thoughts make them impure.


  1. A heartfelt and moving poem

    I am sorry to hear that anyone should cast aspersions your way.
    You seem such a dear one. so wise and loving.

    I pray this situation is resolved!

    GOD bless.

    1. You are far from truth Martina Herrick