Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Wind

The wind changed its direction,
The wind mill altered its perception,
Cloudy sky toils with the heavy dose of precipitation,
The parched earth is waiting for renovation,
The moisture clad air is moving with an intention,
Unperturbed ,unmoved ,untouched to every obstructions,
When the cliff blocks and hurts the gushing breeze,
The sensitive wind pours out its frustration,
The voice is bit loud ,pinching ,
Crying with desperation,
Hiding its soulful pathos behind the thunderous projection,
Each droplets bearing parable of emotion,
Each spark of lightening burns with passion,
Each thunder reveals the shivering sensation,
The wind ,though wounded ,
Unshaken and bold , flows towards its destination.


  1. you have skillfully and amazingly penned words of frustration

  2. Do not hide your feelings.
    Like the breeze howls among the trees
    shout scream
    make the pleasure of your heart known.

    you do it well!!