Sunday, 25 February 2018

This is sad

It is  very awful
When I couldn’t see your foot steps in the sea shore,
At first I explore them in the bed of sands,
Then searched it among the blue oceanic giants,
From the roaring waves I tried to visualize your prints,
The dashing tides mocks at the rifts,
The sun too points out your absence from the cliff,  
The star studded sky denies about your existing spring,
You are to me ,my heart ,whose absence cripples me and
 emptiness  clings,
A deep vacuum pervades my senses,
Like a zombie I move crossing every hinges,
Struggling with your memory and it binges,   
Pinching me every moment that  you have slipped from every clutches.
This is so sad ,yet I have to bear the loses.

1 comment:

  1. beautifully haunting
    great piece

    i understand your longing