Sunday, 11 February 2018

To my valentine

To my Valentine..
When you say nothing ,
Your echo I hear ,
It  heals  my burn,
I feel sad for a second ,
then smile in the second turn,
It’s you   ,whose picture I see in the morning dew,
Fantasize and then  run to grab it in my pocket to feel you,
Even in  crowd  I listen your whisper,
Sense your breath,
Recognize your smile,
Distinguish you when you sigh,
Experience  your  aromatic presence,
Figure out your silence,
Try to understand you without giving me preference,
It’s all because I am dedicated to you, my Valentine.


  1. A majestic write, well before the day though. Every word depict your poetic sagacity and emotions. You are in fact the best poetess of Odisha.

  2. Panda is correct it is a superlative piece.

    the sense of emotional mystique reveals itself