Wednesday, 21 February 2018

You taught me to love

Your arrival created uproar in my chamber,
 Making me  numb,
From  the silence of night ,I could feel
Each organs of mine are in dancing mode,
I could sense their jubilant  ring tone,
Heart   beats  loud to louder,
Skin changes my bright tone to brighter,
Red blood vessels are running fast to faster,
Eyes stroll aimlessly on each streets ,each corners,
Each plains ,to cool its hunger.

Moon is in slumber,
Probably want to remain aloof  from  all the situations,
Time to time ,my patience is trailing its extension,
I act as a maniac, I comprehend  its position,
Yet couldn’t control the palpitation,
So strong is the string of attachment,
My sleepless nights dream you,
My sunny days groove  you
 wanted to be with you, because,
You taught me  to be in love with you.

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