Sunday, 11 March 2018

Bit Confusion

One sunny morning,
you pinged,
Surprisingly it brought gloss to my cheeks,
And then began my addiction to your clicks,
my waiting started from the morning to the evening,
to see your pics and unleashing me in facade of thee,
Slowly and slowly all my attention stay focused to thee,
My thoughts became dense ,
my core accepting you as my princess,
I visualize you in every shade,
My brush paints your image,
I caged your picture in my bosom,
Grow up insane, when I find you not in my notion,
I changed my habits according to your pattern,
To seek your trust ,faith and attention,
My day and night becomes same,
I wish for you ,dream you ,nurture you,
Diligently and carefully as no one can hurt you,
Yet I often wonder…
Do you think as much as I do


1 comment:

  1. The intense emotion paints itself on the page, as vibrantly as the colours in your attached picture