Saturday, 10 March 2018

Day after day

Day after day ,
Hours after hours,
Minutes after minutes,
  with  each passing second ,
My mind is intensifying with your thoughts,
The ebb of emotion is on the rise,
I want to stay connecting  all time,
You brought light to my darkness,
Fragrance to my dry meadow,
Beautifying my earth with your shadow,
I dream in day ,count  my pulse in night,
Starts talking with celestial lights,
My garden is glowing with delight,
Each steps I move,
In each blink of mine,
I see your image dancing with the modes of divine rhyme,
Life becomes luscious,
When I see my picture in your eyes,
With you is my ecstasy,
With out you I am dying,
This feeling  thickens in me,
I feel incomplete without thee.

1 comment:

  1. remarkable forward and honest.
    very well written!

    I too feel the same, for one holding my heart. His name, though only a thought, illuminates my being.