Thursday, 15 March 2018

It is very easy to say

It is very easy for you to say we parted,
For a moment I accept,
The next moment I can’t believe and
I feel angry and disgusted,
The very first thing that hurt me was,
I was rejected,
You forgot my love and
Made me stand in the shore dejected,
I cried and cried,
Decided to sail in the tides of the ocean,
Along with my frustration,
I thought this was destiny and digested.
But my paintings started fading,
My brush ,though habituated to your paintings,
Is unable to replace any other belonging,
It wants to run with your fragrance,
It used to choose color according to your Performa,
Unconsciously it reaches to the same destination every time,
From where our river started flowing , growing and harvesting
Thousand times I controlled myself,
Not to touch your shore
yet the tides of my bosom flows with your rhyme,
It is easy for you to say so.

1 comment:

  1. the heartache of not knowing, again is written with an in-your-face honesty. very enjoyable read