Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Will I have to give proof

Will I have to prove me to you,
How much I am true?
How much  I am pure?
How much I am sincere?

I stopped my heart to beat,
Mind here clicks,
Trust and faith ,
Two words creaks,
With them a relationship sticks,
Without them every thing  is void and cheap.

These two words,
Assessment and judgment ,
Are two easy cushions that vary,
But without authentic proof,
All are simple allegory,
A baseless story with no roots to its glory.

Believing and disbelieving ,
Is linked to our intellect,
Believe is the yardstick of our dialect,
How to react ,how much to react,
Should be reasonable,
An individual  should be conscious of his syllable,
 receiver does not carry eraser ,
time unlike hot sand slips easily,
from the grip waiting for  no excuse or sorry…



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  2. such wisdom! I hope it enlightens many an individual.

    sometimes i wish i could hold my tongue. for what my mind thinks it often speaks regret coming to the heart and soul an instant later.