Monday, 2 April 2018

My journey with the waves.

While floating on the waves of ocean,

I break my journey  near the coral reef,

To see how beautiful the blue sea is,

The moves of tides ,

the curves  when it rise,

The dazzling waves and my ride,

Is quite intoxicating and pleasurable.

Each time a new sensation,

A  fresh experience ,

An novel innovation about the magnificence  of the sea,

The sticky breeze ,the roaring ebb,

The golden sand  sings the rhyme of eternal  splendour,

Is bewitching and captivating to strangers,

I  travel  to enjoy  its beauty,

To  gain knowledge about  all its obscurity,

In the due period of my journey,

I  injured myself ,heeled  slowly,

But moved courageously swimming in the oceanic ebb.

1 comment:

  1. Lopa, may I ask, is this a poem to match the picture
    Or did you take the experience from life and find the pic to match

    thank you for sharing