Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Spiritual awareness

Mind the super power of human soul,
 plays the vital role to aware us about our goal,
gathers strength when it is free from the attachments of  our sensorial body.
The three strengths it carries are for the enhancement  and purity,
Iccha shakti(will-power),
 Jnana Shakti(knowledge power),
Kriya shakti(creative power)
live in us clandestinely,
 we have to evoke those,
to gain true strength and authority,
Once a mind is powerful ,knowledge will  become rich,
The simplest  route to understand “Jnana-Shakti”
Is to accept and understand its quality,
Love  plays a pivotal role in human life,
 understanding  assembles more  breath to make rhyme,
Understanding the situation is to understand life,
Without its essence life is meaningless.


  1. This is a piece about the mind; mankind's super power, and its inner workings.

    How does one evoke a measure to strengthen ones willpower Iccha Shakti?

    Knowledge can be gained; Creativity is innate

    Love is essential to humanity, its essence giving Life meaning.

  2. It's interesting to learn different views on the workings of the human body. Thank you for sharing!