Saturday, 30 June 2018

Unexpected Meeting

Unexpectedly  when we met,
I lost my words,
Probably you lost yours,
Our eyes  just sparked,
Bumps hidden beneath the bark,
You were quite
So am I,
 puzzled how  to act and  how to react,
We could hear our loud interact of hearts,
Yet lips  couldn’t  utter a single word,
 our faded  face  could only reflect 
we  were pleased with our presence
want to share tons of impatience
Stubborn eyes fixed to your gaze
Stubborn ears eager to hear your voice
Limps  were willing to rush near your phase
May be you are going through same stage,
Yet  our pretention of not knowing  each other
Couldn’t   stop our thunderous beat
In silence we exchanged thousand paper sheet.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Letter

I received a letter
In  a white paper sheet ,
Letters  written in black ink,
Without taking a blink,
When I opened it,
I  saw the words of you,
Dipped in red hue,
Profound and profane,
Colourful  and disdain,
That I regain from the alphabets
those  which carry
 your emotions and pain.
It  made me numb,
Unlike the great Shakespearean  hero,
 many unexpressed words  and many random feelings
started playing  with   “to be  or not to be” emotion.
I and my soliloquy,
The more I rehearsed,
A soft tone mutters
Supple  wings of mine flutters
With the emotions attached  with  your letters.

Friday, 22 June 2018


1.Hey! cloud be my messenger,
Float not in the heaven, and,
Search not the places from the heights
To dampen the roots
With your showers to sprout.
O dear cloud !
The knock in my inner chamber is loud,
Eager to hear the love
Because your drops has developed
an addiction ,a longing and a special feeling
for her in season’s round.
The lightening and thundering which I feel in me
Is giving me goose bumps,
Hence sometime I fear to loose her,
At other time I feel her sitting near me sound,
Living with paradoxes is making me unsound.
Love has made me protective
Love has cultivated the adhesive
To attach your thoughts in my mind
Hence I linger ,to see her,
feel her in my bosom every time.
O cloud ,please sail fast to her Island
To convey my heartfelt messages
In your smooth rhythm ,
Rejuvenate her mind with the thoughts sublime
Let your drops be a blessing in my life.

Since Then

When I found my corridor in dark,
I lost myself  mysteriously,
Confusion and chaos  surrounded my path,
Yet  from the dim corners
I search for the spark,
All of a sudden I realized
it is hidden  under the thicket of grass.

Smiling and cheerfully relaxing, probably ,
Waiting for me to find  out its presence,
It’s  touch emancipate me from all the shackles,
That  which has encircled  the routes with it’s  essence
It   showered abundance energy to make me feel
Light  to fly  with the cosmic ray.
Since then,  I never look to dark
Rather choose the light and moved ahead to choose for the spark.

Monday, 18 June 2018

To My Father

On the eve of Father’s day
Daddy! I can’t succumb you with in my lines,
my pen don’t possess enough ink to pen you fine,
Neither my vocabulary is strong enough to express my feelings in rhyme,
Always my words play with junk of thoughts,
How to sketch my idol with perfect shots,
Often failed, then I dare to prevail,
Some lines which linger in my ears in every gulp,
The words of wisdom ,the advices and vices,
The cautions , the preventions ,the actions and its probable reactions,
You gave and we ignored in the spur of the moment,
Later on realizing the blunder we created from our errors,
We implement your sentence to rectify our mistakes
You are correct, while judging us and our fears,
All your words were so very accurate about us,
Because you were aware of our flaws, hence, we invite problem such,
Now when you are heavenly abode,
We remember you and your words, as our guideline in every path.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Musical Ebb

The mountainous waves and its influence,
Creating ripples ,
Generating bubbles,
Making me supple,
Horrifying me with all the rubble.

Yet in the corner ,a soft tone mutters,
Yearning for smooth breeze lingers,
Sprouting bud smiles,
The sweet smelling flowers laughs,
Causing vibrations inside the cover.
The amusing sound of the waves,
The cool moisture air,
The sands flying here and there ,
Amidst the scattered segment of stone layer,
I long to hear the music of soothing flute.
The musical ebb soothes the aching veil,
Forgets the margin and
Dreams to hear the magical bell
The silver tide and its foam
Is rising high.

Monday, 11 June 2018


Eyes met,
Neither fire sparked
Nor water dropped
Just a blank glance
They parted and behaved as strangers.
In the crowd,
Nothing is audible
Except the voice inside is creating the trouble,
Pretending to be normal,
While behaving as a stranger to you is abnormal.
Like strangers we met,
Friends we became
Arguments and fights were common,
When misunderstandings cropped,
We became strangers again.
Strangely you came
Abruptly you captured my heart
When my mind accepted this
You vanished away as a stranger
Giving me pain and fear to accept any stranger as my dear.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Silent relationship

Presently silent is our relationship,
Louder is the heartbeats,
The glow of my face fades ,
as soon as I come across your picture.

In silence I scroll each and every
Incidents in chronological bits,
I feel happy,
I feel sad,
I cry a little bit.

Then smile for a while,
You brought me smile,
Left to cry for you in dark,
In the dark I hear your tap.

Sometime vigorous,
Sometime smooth,
Moments of laughter,
Moments to cherish,
Neither I am lonely.
Nor I shed tears for you only.
Rather I live with the golden thoughts,
Care for the memories,though silent is our relationship.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Invisible Beloved

Prediction of the monsoon rain,
Cool breeze smoothly touches my tegument,
Shivers in my nape and bumps in my connective tissue,
Sweet is its music to douse me through its moves,
The wind gently caresses my hair,cheeks and spine,
Reminds me of your invisible presence,
The weather of addiction,
The ambiance informing the invisible existence,and,
With all the extra-ordinary details of my beloved,
Through its exhilaration and thunderous vibration.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Silent wind

In the forest ,
Among the waves,
In the blue sky,...
Among the green hedges,
In the dry land,
Among the shadows,
I see you, feel your sigh,
Hear your whisper,
Close to my closet,
A silent tone hums ,
You are there for me,
A bridge of assurance,
A sort of certainty,
that we do have an unique connectivity,
Here heart swells, mind fuels,
Quivering lips tied with an commitment,
Not to expose under the hot sun,
The flames will burn the etiquette,
The barren landline will cry for the shower ,
The silence is the balm to heal the wounds,
The dark clouds consider my sensitiveness,
As my weakness, but I am not callous to the tears of summer rain,
I wait for the pleasant breeze,
I want to Detoxify myself in a pleasant way,
I hide the oozing blood,
I wipe the sweat from my forehead,
To present myself presentable in the buzz,
Yet in the dark room I scream for the miraculous wind,
May be the wind of silence will erase the circles in its manner.

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