Thursday, 7 June 2018

Silent wind

In the forest ,
Among the waves,
In the blue sky,...
Among the green hedges,
In the dry land,
Among the shadows,
I see you, feel your sigh,
Hear your whisper,
Close to my closet,
A silent tone hums ,
You are there for me,
A bridge of assurance,
A sort of certainty,
that we do have an unique connectivity,
Here heart swells, mind fuels,
Quivering lips tied with an commitment,
Not to expose under the hot sun,
The flames will burn the etiquette,
The barren landline will cry for the shower ,
The silence is the balm to heal the wounds,
The dark clouds consider my sensitiveness,
As my weakness, but I am not callous to the tears of summer rain,
I wait for the pleasant breeze,
I want to Detoxify myself in a pleasant way,
I hide the oozing blood,
I wipe the sweat from my forehead,
To present myself presentable in the buzz,
Yet in the dark room I scream for the miraculous wind,
May be the wind of silence will erase the circles in its manner.

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