Saturday, 30 June 2018

Unexpected Meeting

Unexpectedly  when we met,
I lost my words,
Probably you lost yours,
Our eyes  just sparked,
Bumps hidden beneath the bark,
You were quite
So am I,
 puzzled how  to act and  how to react,
We could hear our loud interact of hearts,
Yet lips  couldn’t  utter a single word,
 our faded  face  could only reflect 
we  were pleased with our presence
want to share tons of impatience
Stubborn eyes fixed to your gaze
Stubborn ears eager to hear your voice
Limps  were willing to rush near your phase
May be you are going through same stage,
Yet  our pretention of not knowing  each other
Couldn’t   stop our thunderous beat
In silence we exchanged thousand paper sheet.

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