Monday, 30 July 2018

Unusual Link

You tiptoe softly to my world
Like the pleasant sunshine
Douse my earth with your radiance
Clasping  the wind with your fragrance
My domain is blossoming with the delicate  glow
I am under the grasp of wine
Sweet ,melodious and divine.
The red rose petals are on the air
Forming  the ambiance with its beautiful shower
The buds are eager to bloom,
Curiosity  in heartbeat  is rising and falling
Eyes searching  for the soothing   drizzle
Mind and heart  are attentive and alert
To hear your soft knock
To dance  with the sweet rhyme
Anxious is the breath to clasp the breeze
An unusual l link between you and me is developing.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Singer -your song

Strange! You may say to me,
How could I study thee?
I am listening to your song,
Following your lines from bottom to top
With each word you pause
you change your voice according to the note
Sensitive to lines and attaching to your core
I could sense your passion
Yearning to present the song with perfection
I feel from the voice modulation
A beautiful paraphernalia of adoration
dedicating each lines to your dearly loved fascination
Cuteness of the words
Which you croon are resounding with vibrations
The song meant for whom?
Is gathering likes
Bringing smiles and twinkle to many eyes

Thursday, 26 July 2018

The sound of bell

The sound of the bell inside the sea shell
The echo of the tone outside the iron trail
Ringing loudly yet pleasantly
Capturing my body and mind
Towards the direction of the melodious rhyme,
Little by little I am on the grip of intoxication
Bit by bit I realize my palpitation
Slowly and tenderly I am conscious of my addiction
Some where in the mist ,you are always in my imagination
Keeping you in thoughts I sing
Keeping you in dreams I dream
Keeping you in mind I evaluate
The days ,hours, minutes and seconds
Sometime in a string
At times some scattered thoughts ring
Making me smile to all the happenings.
Its all because of that sound of bell that is ringing.

Monday, 23 July 2018


The shadow I see in the evening,
Is  faintly visible to me in the morning,
Afternoon  blues  signifies it’s always with me
Smiling and weeping  ,living safely
Among the darkest closet
Unharmed ,refined ,elegant and divine.
The  buzz of trumpet,
The melody of buffet,
The ringtone of gazette,
The sweet music of cascade,
Are all aware of my snippets,
Here I and the shadow mysteriously
Play  the paramount role
Weaving dreams of thousand ifs and thousand buts.


Sunday, 22 July 2018

When You

When You swirl in my memory
The stars inside me dance,
When your thoughts twists and turns in remembrance
The sunshine craves for romance,
When your breeze gently strokes my hair
The air generates fire,
When the droplets damp the steps
The sky whispers craze,
When the flowers swings ,
The cuckoo look for its lost beverage,
When the rain comes
The lightning strikes the chord,
When the elegant cascade stops for a while
The string of togetherness ties knot to move back and fro.
When the ebb roars,
The waves radiates with your glow,
When winter covers the horizon
The sky whimpers with recollections.
When you ignite flames.
The jungles is in blaze
When the pen asks for splendid ink
The alphabets demands for you in the swing.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Unlike You Dad

Unlike you Dad.
Unlike you Dad
I am stubborn
Emotional , sensitive
And bit withdrawn.

Ten years since you passed
I searched your foot prints in the mass
Wanted to be like you ,
smart and dashing
Intellectually active with broad prospective
Full of patience , less reactive
Decisive and impressive
I failed..and often wonder
why I cannot be like you?

Every words of you linger in your absence
I try to incorporate those words to my pages
Feel proud to be your daughter,
After all you are my great father
In between the time’s ebb,
A lot of chances has taken place.

Probably things would have been different
If you would have been alive…
At least Mummy would be smiling
Would be preparing food you like with utmost care
Will be standing ,walking and sitting,
In fear of your scolding.
Alas ! these are the dreams

Dad!I am not unlike you in stature
Yes, I love you
Respect you
Adore you
As you are my incomparable Father.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

My sensitivity

Thoughts when surge,
I ramp on some plots
I roll on and on with the bygone slots
Hot blood rush from bottom to top
Warm face and cold feet take asylum,
Of some distraction to keep me fit
I present myself cool
Though inwardly I stroll with thousand thoughts to rule.
I feel the vacuum ,
I miss the absence,
I abuse the incidents,
I accuse the moments,
Then I realize your presence.
I am standing on the cliff
Carrying your essence
With the belief of positivity
And some aspect of negativity ,
You are very much alive
In my sensitivity.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Umbrella speaks

Heaven is pouring heavily
Inside the concrete foundation
My beloved is snoring loudly
Keeping the doors closed
Windows shut
I am waiting to damp in the wet weather
And to become shelter to the beautiful suitor
She is probably not conscious of my apprehension
I weave some magical thoughts in this magical foundation.
If I go out with her…
I will be her shelter
I will enjoy the beauty of her tresses wet in the rainwater
Droplets will radiate in her silky skin
Her lips will utter incredible lines of pink
I will be the one to get pleasure of her crimson beep
Alas! she is sleeping…

Monday, 16 July 2018

The Revival

I wiped the dust from the meniscus
The earth around looked beautiful as such
The rain added gloss to the lush green bush,
The tickling droplets from my dry roof
Is invigorating the fresh leaflets in my hedge
The dampen wings of mine
Revives and rejoices
Dances and sing verses
I leap now miles without break
Without staggering
Without stammering
Facing the wind
Sailing in the ebb
Crossing the fire
With the silent rage
Horizon explores
Criticism deplores
I move on and on to run,
Among the meadows
Among the shadows
Counting fingertips
Tapping my footprints

Thursday, 12 July 2018

see you in dreams

See you in dreams.
Let’s meet in the dreams
Here no time string
No obstacles to ring
No tantrums
No quarrels
No mood swing in the melody
Only you and me
Will live in the paradise
With the honey and luscious rhyme cladding the breeze
Clouds will cosset our brim
Stars will sing and the moon will dance
We will live our moments with romance,
Forgetting the world around
Cherishing the delight
Enjoying each other’s company
Like we never found

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

His question and her answer

He said-
I absorbed you in my heart,
With you the color of the blood becomes dark,
The depth is not measurable,
The platelets carrying you is not countable,
The wandering thoughts of mine succumb to one parable,
You featuring prime in my fable,
And you dear …
You are not considering this as notable
and quite forgetful towards my emotion.
She said..
Words you spoke is gentle.
Touch my bosom like the electric cable,
The current is spreading its effect in my system
So my focus has changed it’s dimension
I too feel amiss in my vision
feeling relaxed after hearing your confession,
Now my question to you is…
Does blood become thicker when someone occupies your nectar?

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The thought of you

I slept to wake with thousand thought of yours,
Looming and weaving in dreams 
Little fear 
A tinge of excitement,
A surge of happiness,
Ready to bloom with your fragrance
Then I realized you are here
With me, closed in my closet
Living in cheers.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

You are my poem

You are my poem
When you flows swiftly from my veins
To the plain canvas,
You become my poem.
When my ink blushes with your thoughts
and  the color of ink changes to rose
You  come as my poem.
When  I search alphabets to express me
Spontaneously   some letters dipped  in red  strikes me
You flow  in my poem.
When I hear the roar of countless waves
Swing of mood hits the cage
You smile in my poem.
When  my mirror want me to glow
I dream of you as my goal
You  run in my poem.
When I  compete myself with the cuckoo,
And fit  the melody  consequently
You sing in my poem.

. .

Monday, 2 July 2018


Is this end or the beginning,
When  the  era  ended
Another  groove sprouting,
With lots of confusion in the beginning
The  dilemma , the wavering psyche
The pounding  in  my realm
Bringing  delight to the sunken lines .
An amusing  scintillating rhyme
Running all over my spine with an euphoric  velocity,
Words  of precision ,I search to define
The exact calculation between the strikes,
 an amiable space, caring for each other in every shape,
possibly  faith and affection is taking  part in the race
No chance of duplicity,
No chance of expectancy,
A sheer joy of fancy,
Possibly  for  the linking thread ,
As its knot is tied  powerfully  in  the chest.


Sunday, 1 July 2018


When I was in need of a stage
It was withdrawn,
When I wanted to dance in rain
Drought followed on,
When I wanted to crack the earth,
My orbit changed,
When the stars became my friend
Clouds hid them in its range,
When I chose my attire to pink
I was reminded of grey tinge,
When I fell in love with green
The moisture less sky poured nothing.
That day my voice chocked
I became numb.
Little drops of rain fell on my palm,and
The countless jingles poured on
With the blessings of the angel
Who wanted me to be one like all.
Henceforth I dance in rain,
Love the butterflies and multihued fountain,
I grumble not for the past
Because past taught me to enjoy the present with pleasure filled heart.