Sunday, 1 July 2018


When I was in need of a stage
It was withdrawn,
When I wanted to dance in rain
Drought followed on,
When I wanted to crack the earth,
My orbit changed,
When the stars became my friend
Clouds hid them in its range,
When I chose my attire to pink
I was reminded of grey tinge,
When I fell in love with green
The moisture less sky poured nothing.
That day my voice chocked
I became numb.
Little drops of rain fell on my palm,and
The countless jingles poured on
With the blessings of the angel
Who wanted me to be one like all.
Henceforth I dance in rain,
Love the butterflies and multihued fountain,
I grumble not for the past
Because past taught me to enjoy the present with pleasure filled heart.


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